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Kid Europeo was launch with the interest and purpose of offering European fashion style for kids. On our web site, you will find only the most trending fashion product for kids and toddlers. With the inclusion of recognized European brands to our site, you will not need to visit several stores to get the best of fashion for your children.

With the exclusivity to provide brands such as OKAA from Spain to the Floridian market, Kid Europeo wishes to provide only the best quality products made by selecting only the best natural leathers, forms, outsoles and cotton textiles.

OKAA means “Mother” in Japanese language, and the Japanese people love, appreciate and enjoy Spanish craftsmanship. OKAA wish to enjoy this expertise while sharing it with the rest of the world.

OKAA has the reputation of a well-made product, the appreciation of a good design and the need for parents to find a good quality shoe for our children 100 % made in Spain. Offering a wide range of colors, as well as forms and designs, OKAA has a team with high experience in the world of fashion.

The correct choice of footwear, especially for children, is essential for the correct evolutionary development of their feet and their stability. The shoes should be made up of natural high quality materials which allow better flexibility and a correct perspiration, fitted with non-slip outsoles that do not limit their movements and protect them correctly at the same time. This will allow them to grow in a natural way and will reinforce their way of walking.

OKAA, has the philosophy of providing the best children’s shoes at affordable prices, because we want you to save time, not quality.

Kid Europeo is here to stay!

Allow us to reveal how a child can be dressed in style.

Please let us know if you have any inquiry.